Thai Herbs

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  • Thai cuisine is renowned for its use of various herbs and spices, which add depth and flavor to dishes. Here are some of the key Thai herbs commonly used in cooking:

    1. **Basil (Horapha):** Thai basil, with its distinct anise-like flavor, is a fundamental herb in Thai cuisine. It's used in dishes like Pad Krapow and Green Curry.

    2. **Coriander (Pak Chee):** Both the leaves and seeds of coriander are used in Thai cooking. Fresh coriander leaves are often used as a garnish.

    3. **Lemongrass (Takhrai):** Lemongrass provides a citrusy, lemony flavor and aroma to many Thai dishes. It's commonly used in soups and curries.

    4. **Kaffir Lime Leaves (Bai Makrut):** Kaffir lime leaves have a unique, strong citrus flavor and are a crucial ingredient in Tom Yum soup and Green Curry.

    5. **Galangal (Kha):** Similar in appearance to ginger, galangal has a distinct, pungent flavor and is a key component in many Thai curries and soups.

    6. **Cilantro Roots (Rak Pak Chee):** The roots of cilantro are often used in Thai curry pastes to add depth of flavor.

    7. **Mint (Saranae):** Mint is used in various Thai salads and refreshing dishes like Som Tum (green papaya salad).

    8. **Thai Chilies (Prik):** Thai cuisine is known for its spiciness, and Thai chilies are the primary source of heat in many dishes.

    9. **Turmeric (Khamin):** Turmeric is used for its earthy flavor and yellow color in dishes like Massaman curry.

    10. **Pandanus Leaf (Bai Toey):** These leaves are used to add a subtle, fragrant aroma to certain Thai desserts and dishes.

    11. **Cilantro (Pak Chee):** The leaves of cilantro are commonly used as a garnish in Thai cuisine.

    12. **Thai Peppercorns (Phrik Thai):** Thai peppercorns are used to season dishes and provide a unique peppery flavor.

    13. **Garlic (Kra Thiam):** Garlic is a staple in Thai cooking and is used in various forms, such as minced, sliced, or as part of curry pastes.

    14. **Shallots (Hom Daeng):** Shallots are often used for their sweet, mild onion flavor and are a key ingredient in many Thai dishes.

    These herbs and spices are used in various combinations to create the complex and vibrant flavors that Thai cuisine is known for. They play a crucial role in Thai curries, soups, stir-fries, and salads, making them an integral part of the country's culinary tradition.


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